The PureBox live at Bear Canyon Acres is a 5-day retreat to completely immerse yourself in your personal wellness transformation.

Surrounded by gorgeous Montana nature and a community of  like-minded people, your journey toward innovative and holistic wellness is one that will create a sustainable shift in your life. Between the sunrise practice sessions, the deep connections you’ll make with others (and yourself), and holistic innovative approach to getting your health on track - it’ll be hard to decide what your favorite part is!

Using the components of our signature PureBox products you will have an experience unlike anything else that claims to increase your overall wellness. What’s different about PureBox is that it simply enhances what you already have inside of your body and mind. It’s not a completely external resource. Prolon, Saje, Foundation Training and The Miracle Morning access and enhance the best parts of what you already have inside of you.

Prolon ® the first and only scientifically-tested Fasting Mimicking Diet. It is the first company to be granted a patent for optimizing human healthspan, the lengh of time that a person is healthy.
What that means is Prolon allows your body to biologically experience the benefits of fasting without totally giving up food.
Each day’s food has been specifically formulated to deliver rich nutrients that nourish your body while it remains in a fasted state.This triggers an incredible series of biological responses including weight loss, metabolic optimization, and cellular clean up and renewal.It’s a innovative and practical way to mimic a fasting state while going about your life as usual.

Saje helps you trade toxins for the healing power of plants. We use Saje essential oils in conjunction with Prolon to aid you in decreasing your cravings and enhance the cleanse of your body. The use of essential oils dates back centuries and harnessing the power of what the Earth grows for us can be transformative especially during a cleanse.

Foundation Training uses one thing to help you maximize your body’s potential: Gravity. (Which is great, because you always have it with you!) It teaches your body how to support itself in the quest for wellness and strength.

The Miracle Morning is like a wellness cleanse for your thoughts. Sure, you can do a biological cleanse and exercise, but the ultimate version of yourself requires that you also strengthen and hone your mental skills. The daily morning routines laid out in TMM will enhance your mental discipline, positivity, emotional strength and self-worth. It aids in your total and holistic well-being - mind, body, and soul.

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Lose weight and activate the body’s ability to regenerate and rejuvenate itself… While Enjoying Food

The ProLon Fasting Mimicking Diet is the first and only clinically tested, scientific breakthrough in Fasting Mimicking
technology that gives your body the stem cell-based rejuvenation of a 5-day fast while getting to eat real food.


Learn the Miracle Morning™ technique to have your best year ever.


Learn to use essential oil blends recognized by Health Canada and the FDA.

Diffuse Plant Medicine & feel better everywhere.


Use gravity to your advantage to become strong & relieve pain with Foundation Training


Enjoy the hikes and activities  around Montana field trip to Yellowstone,  wellness samplers, bodywork, and yoga.

Retreat Activities

Walk Outside

Medicine Wheel, Bear Canyon Trail, Drinking Horse, Pete's Hill, Story Mill, Mt Ellis and New World Gulch


Regenerate and rejuvenate with the Prolon® Fasting Mimicking Diet

Morning & Evening  Practice

Learn the miracle Miracle Morning™ program

Kitchen and learning Sessions

The Longevity Diet, Prolon ® FMD, Plant Based Diet Solution

movement Sampler

Foundation Training, 7 minute workouts, Jivamukti Magic 10, 10 Best Exercises for Women

Wellness Sampler

Saje Wellness ™, Essential Oils, Chakras, Mediicine Wheel, BiomarkersTesting, Reflexology

Media Presentations

Highlight learnings from the day: Miracle Morning™ and Fasting Movie, Valter Longo interviews, Louise Hay movies, GTD, etc

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